Ready Mix Concrete Plants

Ready Mixed Concrete Batching Plants ,Mobile, Stationary and Compact are some of the concrete equipment and models that can be used depending on the scope of the project aggregate bunker is a completely bolted special design and welding work is not present.Belt foot and belt coverage are modular and maintenance friendly. Mixer platform is designed according to needs as single and double unloader; mixers can be used as single-shaft, twin-shaft, spider type or pan basing on the concrete type to be produced by the customer; mixer feet can be folded; control cabinet is on it; the installation and time costs of the project owner has minimized for all chassis cabling.

Silo and Stuck Terminal

Cement silo, which is the unit that stores the cement, can store cement up to 100 Tons Capacity. Stock Terminals are used to store bulk materials such as cement and ash up to a weight of 5,000 tons. Terminals are designed to provide you to reach minimum transportation and assembly costs. VURMAK provides the most convenient designs and special equipment for your needs.


Mixers are produced to have the capacities of 1500 l./1000 l., 3000/2000 l., 4500/3000 l., 6000/4000 l. It has become indispensable for high-class concretes thanks to its feature to obtain high-level homogeneity in a short period by its excellent mixing technique. Mixing arms specially designed for coarse-grained aggregates such as the sub-bases of dam or runway concretes are used. Pouring cover is operated by hydraulic pump and pistons. Material is poured in a short period thanks to the cover located on the boiler thoroughly.


Automation provides the right tools to monitor concrete production processes and quality. The system registers all production processes starting from the first moment of production. With the modules designed specifically for special concrete classes, Vekon software minimizes the margin of error. While good operators can enhance the performance of their concrete plants, automation maximizes efficiency with any given operator.