For the quality of the concrete, one of the most important factor is the automation system.Central Management modul is a new kind of solution for the concrete producers. Modul gives advantege to the companies such as control, evaluation and increasing the productivity becouse of that our customers may easly notice a significant increase from their profitability.

Many reports shall be automatically prepared as a result of the creation of the samples taken from the productions performed at the facilities and the entry of their breakage values; thus, it shall be possible to perform the analysis of your quality status on facility basis or on the basis of your company at any given time.

Cement Usage Rate on Regional Basis
Laboratory Activity Report
Laboratory Activity Report (Detailed)
Consumption Control Report on Resistance Base
Resistance Book
Customer Resistance Report
Average Compressive Strength
Shewart Diagram Report
Compatibility Audit Report
Compatibility Audit Report (According to Reference Product)
• Different analyses shall be included in the system as report on your request.
• The laboratory personnel shall be able to receive the daily sample breakage list without having to keep a separate list.
• The most significant feature is the possibility to perform the follow-up of everything from production to formula design, from formula design to sieving analysis and other analyses by based upon an available sample.